Ace Dating App Review

Let’s talk about Ace Dating (Named: ACE DATE) App Review today.


#1 Is ace dating app free?

No. The Ace dating app is free to download and use. ACE does offer extra premium features that require in-app purchase. ACE Premium includes a range of premium features and helps the user to get noticed faster.

ACE DATE membership price:

1 Week Premuin Subscription: $14.99

1 Month Premium Subscription $39.99

3 Month Premium Subscription $59.99

12 Month Premium Subscription $99.99


#2 Ace Dating App User Reviews

This app is great for meeting other single women/or just women looking for friends for the men out there looking for women. It’s convenient, useful and very accessible to reaching out to another user if your interested. The very big downside however is that every person you meet is at least 120+ miles away from you. ACE needs a option to bring the mile parameter down so you can talk to people locally. Nobody wants to have a long distance relationship with another user. We’re adults not teenagers playing games. Please make it so we can communicate with local users, please and thank you. – Aaron

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