Why do you want to be rich?

Why do you want to be rich?

Why do you want to be rich?

One sentence: Only having economic freedom is the right to pursue other freedoms.

Let’s first start with a story why do i want to be rich?

“My family couldn’t go to my sister’s school graduation since we couldn’t manage the cost of the flight from Wyoming to Pennsylvania.*

My folks haven’t been on an excursion in years.

We battle with paying for my school educational cost, and as yet paying off my sister’s.

While one of my companions has possessed the capacity to venture to the far corners of the planet, I remain at home. I can’t bear to movement.

I watch my folks battle with accounts and with choosing their future.

I need to be rich since I never need to see my loved ones be adhered because of an absence of cash.

I need to have the capacity to move and set off for college without stretch, and to have the capacity to give cash openly to others.

I need to purchase sustenance for individuals who can’t and provide for foundations and never stress that each penny given is a penny I can’t manage.

I need new shoes when mine begins to tear and retires brimming with books and an ice chest loaded with new organic product.

I need to purchase my mother another auto where the motor begins each time and my father a truck with four-wheel drive so I never need to stress over them stalling out until kingdom come.

I need to send them to a shoreline and let them sit without worry for even one moment.

I need to have the capacity to do what I adore each day without agonizing over coming up short on cash.

I need to finance theater programs in each secondary school so every child has the opportunity to encounter what I did.

There are such a significant number of reasons I would love to be rich.”

Why do i want to become rich? Obviously, money is the most important thing before you have enough money.

When you have enough money, you have the courage, the strength, the ability to pursue what you feel is really important.
When there is no money to talk about ideas, talk about love, self-esteem, is hypocritical.
The money is also a Philistine, vanity, for slaves is low.
Is money important? Important. Its importance is that we have to make it unimportant.

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